Workshops will take place across two days of the conference on July 15 and July 19, 2024. Each workshop is organized as a semi-independent event, and has a unique schedule reflecting the planned activities, constraints and preferences of the organizers. Please check the workshop websites for more details on their particular schedules.

Monday, July 15

(Full-day workshops)

ID Title Website
1 2nd Workshop on Dexterous Manipulation:Design, Perception and Control
2 Safety and Normative Behaviors in Human-Robot Interaction
3 Structural Priors as Inductive Biases for Learning Robot Dynamics
4 Mechanisms for Mapping Human Input to Robots From Robot Learning to Shared Control/Autonomy
5 Frontiers of optimization for robotics
6 Robot Execution Failures and Failure Management Strategies
7 WEV: Workshop on Embodied Voices
8 AVAS: Autonomous Vehicles Across Scales
9 Data Generation for Robotics
10 EARL: Embodiment-Aware Robot Learning (EARL)
11 GenAI-HRI: Generative modeling meets human-robot interaction
12 Koopman Operators in Robotics
13 Learning for Assistive Robotics
14 Open-Set Robot Perception in the Wild
15 Semantics for Robotics: From Environment Understanding and Reasoning to Safe Interaction

Friday, July 19

(Half-day workshops)

ID Title Website
16 Unsolved Problems in Social Robot Navigation
17 Robots that help and ask for help
18 Tutorial: Supervised Policy Learning for Real Robots
19 Geometric and Algebraic Structure in Robot Learning
20 Social Intelligence in Humans and Robots
21 Aerial Swarm Tools and Applications
22 GROUND: advancing GROup UNderstanding and robots' aDaptive behavior
23 Lifelong Robot Learning: Generalization, Adaptation, and Deployment with Large Models
24 Noosphere: Tactile Sensing for General Purpose Robots Learning
25 Navigation & Mobile Manipulation in Challenging and Cluttered Natural Environments
26 Robotic Tasks and How to Specify Them? — Task Specification for General-Purpose Intelligent Robots
27 Towards Safe Autonomy: Emerging Requirements, Definitions, and Methods
28 Semantic Reasoning and Goal Understanding in Robotics (SemRob)