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All times below are given in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Additional live Q&A sessions in Eastern time zones on the following day

All plenary sessions will be recorded and made freely available on youtube. For those that cannot join the talks live, they can watch them the next day and join a live Q&A session with the speakers on the following day. This concerns the Test of Time talk (ToT), the three Early Career Award talks (EC1-3), and the Keynote talk.


Tuesday, July 14

14:30 - 15:00 UTC Welcome & Paper Nominations [session]
Marc Toussaint, Jens Kober, Tim Barfoot, Hadas Kress-Gazit
15:00 - 17:00 UTC Live Paper Discussions #1-34 (SEARCH PAPERS BY AUTHOR/TITLE)
#1 Planning and Execution using Inaccurate Models with Provable Guarantees [session]
#2 Swoosh! Rattle! Thump! - Actions that Sound [session]
#3 Deep Visual Reasoning: Learning to Predict Action Sequences for Task and Motion Planning from an Initial Scene Image [session]
#4 Elaborating on Learned Demonstrations with Temporal Logic Specifications [session]
#5 Non-revisiting Coverage Task with Minimal Discontinuities for Non-redundant Manipulators [session]
#6 LatticeNet: Fast Point Cloud Segmentation Using Permutohedral Lattices [session]
#7 A Smooth Representation of Belief over SO(3) for Deep Rotation Learning with Uncertainty [session]
#8 Leading Multi-Agent Teams to Multiple Goals While Maintaining Communication [session]
#9 OverlapNet: Loop Closing for LiDAR-based SLAM [session]
#10 The Dark Side of Embodiment - Teaming Up With Robots VS Disembodied Agents [session]
#11 Shared Autonomy with Learned Latent Actions [session]
#12 Regularized Graph Matching for Correspondence Identification under Uncertainty in Collaborative Perception [session]
#13 Frequency Modulation of Body Waves to Improve Performance of Limbless Robots [session]
#14 Self-Reconfiguration in Two-Dimensions via Active Subtraction with Modular Robots [session]
#15 Singularity Maps of Space Robots and their Application to Gradient-based Trajectory Planning [session]
#16 Grounding Language to Non-Markovian Tasks with No Supervision of Task Specifications [session]
#17 Fast Uniform Dispersion of a Crash-prone Swarm [session]
#18 Simultaneous Enhancement and Super-Resolution of Underwater Imagery for Improved Visual Perception [session]
#19 Collision Probabilities for Continuous-Time Systems Without Sampling [session]
#20 Event-Driven Visual-Tactile Sensing and Learning for Robots [session]
#21 Resilient Distributed Diffusion for Multi-Robot Systems Using Centerpoint [session]
#22 Pixel-Wise Motion Deblurring of Thermal Videos [session]
#23 Controlling Contact-Rich Manipulation Under Partial Observability [session]
#24 AVID: Learning Multi-Stage Tasks via Pixel-Level Translation of Human Videos [session]
#25 Provably Constant-time Planning and Re-planning for Real-time Grasping Objects off a Conveyor Belt [session]
#26 Online IMU Intrinsic Calibration: Is It Necessary? [session]
#27 A Berry Picking Robot With A Hybrid Soft-Rigid Arm: Design and Task Space Control [session]
#28 Iterative Repair of Social Robot Programs from Implicit User Feedback via Bayesian Inference [session]
#29 Cable Manipulation with a Tactile-Reactive Gripper [session]
#30 Automated Synthesis of Modular Manipulators’ Structure and Control for Continuous Tasks around Obstacles [session]
#31 Learning Memory-Based Control for Human-Scale Bipedal Locomotion [session]
#32 Multi-Fidelity Black-Box Optimization for Time-Optimal Quadrotor Maneuvers [session]
#33 Manipulation Trajectory Optimization with Online Grasp Synthesis and Selection [session]
#34 VisuoSpatial Foresight for Multi-Step, Multi-Task Fabric Manipulation [session]
17:00 - 17:45 UTC Test of Time Award Talk + Q&A [session]
Speakers: Frank Dellaert, Michael Kaess
Moderator: Marc Toussaint
Title: From Square Root SAM to GTSAM: Factor Graphs in Robotics
17:45 - 18:15 UTC Test of Time Panel Debate [session]
Panelists: Frank Dellaert, Michael Kaess, Danica Kragic, Gaurav Sukhatme
Moderator: Marc Toussaint
18:30 - 19:15 UTC Early Career Award Keynote + Q&A [session]
Speaker: Byron Boots
Moderator: Marco Pavone
Title: Perspectives on Machine Learning for Robotics


Wednesday, July 15

14:00 - 15:00 UTC Inclusion@RSS hosts: Future of Robotics Panel [session]
Moderators: Matthew Johnson-Roberson
15:00 - 17:00 UTC Live Paper Discussions #35-69 (SEARCH PAPERS BY AUTHOR/TITLE)
#35 Spatial Action Maps for Mobile Manipulation [session]
#36 Generalized Tsallis Entropy Reinforcement Learning and Its Application to Soft Mobile Robots [session]
#37 Learning Labeled Robot Affordance Models Using Simulations and Crowdsourcing [session]
#38 Towards Embodied Scene Description [session]
#39 Reinforcement Learning based Control of Imitative Policies for Near-Accident Driving [session]
#40 Deep Drone Acrobatics [session]
#41 Active Preference-Based Gaussian Process Regression for Reward Learning [session]
#42 A Bayesian Framework for Nash Equilibrium Inference in Human-Robot Parallel Play [session]
#43 Data-driven modeling of a flapping bat robot with a single flexible wing surface [session]
#44 Safe Motion Planning for Autonomous Driving using an Adversarial Road Model [session]
#45 A Motion Taxonomy for Manipulation Embedding [session]
#46 Aerial Manipulation Using Hybrid Force and Position NMPC Applied to Aerial Writing [session]
#47 A Global Quasi-Dynamic Model for Contact-Trajectory Optimization in Manipulation [session]
#48 Vision-Based Goal-Conditioned Policies for Underwater Navigation in the Presence of Obstacles [session]
#49 Spatio-Temporal Stochastic Optimization: Theory and Applications to Optimal Control and Co-Design [session]
#50 Kernel Taylor-Based Value Function Approximation for Continuous-State Markov Decision Processes [session]
#51 HMPO: Human Motion Prediction in Occluded Environments for Safe Motion Planning [session]
#52 Motion Planning for Variable Topology Truss Modular Robot [session]
#53 Emergent Real-World Robotic Skills via Unsupervised Off-Policy Reinforcement Learning [session]
#54 Compositional Transfer in Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning [session]
#55 Learning from Interventions: Human-robot interaction as both explicit and implicit feedback [session]
#56 Fourier movement primitives: an approach for learning rhythmic robot skills from demonstrations [session]
#57 Self-Supervised Localisation between Range Sensors and Overhead Imagery [session]
#58 Probabilistic Swarm Guidance Subject to Graph Temporal Logic Specifications [session]
#59 In-Situ Learning from a Domain Expert for Real World Socially Assistive Robot Deployment [session]
#60 MRFMap: Online Probabilistic 3D Mapping using Forward Ray Sensor Models [session]
#61 GTI: Learning to Generalize across Long-Horizon Tasks from Human Demonstrations [session]
#62 Agbots 2.0: Weeding Denser Fields with Fewer Robots [session]
#63 Optimally Guarding Perimeters and Regions with Mobile Range Sensors [session]
#64 Learning Agile Robotic Locomotion Skills by Imitating Animals [session]
#65 Learning to Manipulate Deformable Objects without Demonstrations [session]
#66 Deep Differentiable Grasp Planner for High-DOF Grippers [session]
#67 Ergodic Specifications for Flexible Swarm Control: From User Commands to Persistent Adaptation [session]
#68 Dynamic Multi-Robot Task Allocation under Uncertainty and Temporal Constraints [session]
#69 Latent Belief Space Motion Planning under Cost, Dynamics, and Intent Uncertainty [session]
17:00 - 18:00 UTC Keynote + Q&A [session]
Speaker: Josh Tenenbaum
Moderator: Marc Toussaint
Title: It's all in your head: Intuitive physics, planning, and problem-solving in brains, minds and machines
18:00 - 18:30 UTC Virtual Meetups
18:30 - 19:15 UTC Early Career Award Keynote + Q&A [session]
Speaker: Luca Carlone
Moderator: Angela Schoellig
Title: The Future of Robot Perception: Certifiable Algorithms and Real-time High-level Understanding


Thursday, July 16

14:15 - 15:00 UTC Discussion & Town Hall Meeting [session]
Hadas Kress-Gazit, Antonio Bicchi, Marc Toussaint
15:00 - 17:00 UTC Live Paper Discussions #70-103 (SEARCH PAPERS BY AUTHOR/TITLE)
#70 Learning of Sub-optimal Gait Controllers for Magnetic Walking Soft Millirobots [session]
#71 Nonparametric Motion Retargeting for Humanoid Robots on Shared Latent Space [session]
#72 Residual Policy Learning for Shared Autonomy [session]
#73 Efficient Parametric Multi-Fidelity Surface Mapping [session]
#74 Towards neuromorphic control: A spiking neural network based PID controller for UAV [session]
#75 Quantile QT-Opt for Risk-Aware Vision-Based Robotic Grasping [session]
#76 Scaling data-driven robotics with reward sketching and batch reinforcement learning [session]
#77 MPTC – Modular Passive Tracking Controller for stack of tasks based control frameworks [session]
#78 NH-TTC: A gradient-based framework for generalized anticipatory collision avoidance [session]
#79 3D Dynamic Scene Graphs: Actionable Spatial Perception with Places, Objects, and Humans [session]
#80 Robot Object Retrieval with Contextual Natural Language Queries [session]
#81 AlphaPilot: Autonomous Drone Racing [session]
#82 Concept2Robot: Learning Manipulation Concepts from Instructions and Human Demonstrations [session]
#83 A Variable Rolling SLIP Model for a Conceptual Leg Shape to Increase Robustness of Uncertain Velocity on Unknown Terrain [session]
#84 Interpreting and Predicting Tactile Signals via a Physics-Based and Data-Driven Framework [session]
#85 Learning Active Task-Oriented Exploration Policies for Bridging the Sim-to-Real Gap [session]
#86 Manipulation with Shared Grasping [session]
#87 Deep Learning Tubes for Tube MPC [session]
#88 Reinforcement Learning for Safety-Critical Control under Model Uncertainty, using Control Lyapunov Functions and Control Barrier Functions [session]
#89 Fast Risk Assessment for Autonomous Vehicles Using Learned Models of Agent Futures [session]
#90 Online Domain Adaptation for Occupancy Mapping [session]
#91 ALGAMES: A Fast Solver for Constrained Dynamic Games [session]
#92 Scalable and Probabilistically Complete Planning for Robotic Spatial Extrusion [session]
#93 The RUTH Gripper: Systematic Object-Invariant Prehensile In-Hand Manipulation via Reconfigurable Underactuation [session]
#94 Heterogeneous Graph Attention Networks for Scalable Multi-Robot Scheduling with Temporospatial Constraints [session]
#95 Robust Multiple-Path Orienteering Problem: Securing Against Adversarial Attacks [session]
#96 Eyes-Closed Safety Kernels: Safety of Autonomous Systems Under Loss of Observability [session]
#97 Explaining Multi-stage Tasks by Learning Temporal Logic Formulas from Suboptimal Demonstrations [session]
#98 Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of Robotic Systems with Control Lyapunov Functions [session]
#99 Learning to Slide Unknown Objects with Differentiable Physics Simulations [session]
#100 Reachable Sets for Safe, Real-Time Manipulator Trajectory Design [session]
#101 Learning Task-Driven Control Policies via Information Bottlenecks [session]
#102 Simultaneously Learning Transferable Symbols and Language Groundings from Perceptual Data for Instruction Following [session]
#103 A social robot mediator to foster collaboration and inclusion among children [session]
17:00 - 17:45 UTC Early Career Award Keynote + Q&A [session]
Speaker: Jeannette Bohg
Moderator: Stefanie Tellex
Title: A Tale of Success and Failure in Robotics Grasping and Manipulation
18:00 - 18:45 UTC Paper Awards & Farewell [session]
Tim Barfoot, Marc Toussaint