Workshops will take place July 12 and 13, 2020. They are generally scheduled to take place between 7:00AM PST and 11:15PM PST (14:00-18:15 UCT), and are recommended to have coffee breaks from 9:15-9:30AM and 11:15-11:30AM PST. However, each workshop is organized as a semi-independent event, and has a unique schedule that may deviate from the recommended schedule. Please check the workshop websites for more details on their particular schedules.

Sunday, July 12

WS Title Organizers Virtual Session Link
WS1-1 1st RSS Workshop on Social Robot Navigation Christoforos Mavrogiannis
Pete Trautman
Leila Takayama
Siddhartha S. Srinivasa
WS1-2 Reacting to contact: Enabling transparent interactions through intelligent sensing and actuation Ankit Bhatia
Aaron M. Johnson
Matthew T. Mason
WS1-3 Certifiable Robot Perception: from Global Optimization to Safer Robots Luca Carlone
Tat-Jun Chin
Anders Eriksson
Heng Yang
WS1-4 Advancing the State of Machine Learning for Manufacturing Robotics Elena Messina
Holly Yanco
Megan Zimmerman
Craig Schlenoff
Dragos Margineantu
WS1-5 Advances and Challenges in Imitation Learning for Robotics  Scott Niekum
Akanksha Saran
Yuchen Cui
Nick Walker
Andreea Bobu
Ajay Mandlekar
Danfei Xu
WS1-6 2nd Workshop on Closing the Reality Gap in Sim2Real Transfer for Robotics Sebastian Höfer
Kostas Bekris
Ankur Handa
Juan Camilo Gamboa
Florian Golemo
Melissa Mozifian
WS1-7 ROS Carpentry Workshop Katherine Scott
Mabel Zhang
Camilo Buscaron
Steve Macenski
WS1-8 Perception and Control for Fast and Agile Super-Vehicles II Varun Murali
Phillip Foehn
Davide Scaramuzza
Sertac Karaman
WS1-9 Robotics Retrospectives  Jeannette Bohg
Franziska Meier
Arunkumar Byravan
Akshara Rai
WS1-10 Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Task Allocation and Coordination  Harish Ravichandar
Ragesh Ramachandran
Sonia Chernova
Seth Hutchinson
Gaurav Sukhatme
Vijay Kumar
WS1-11 Learning (in) Task and Motion Planning  Danny Driess
Neil T. Dantam
Lydia E. Kavraki
Marc Toussaint
WS1-12 Performing Arts Robots & Technologies, Integrated (PARTI)  Naomi Fitter
Heather Knight
Amy LaViers
WS1-13 Robots in the Wild: Challenges in Deploying Robust Autonomy for Robotic Exploration Hannah Kerner
Amy Tabb
Jnaneshwar Das
Pratap Tokekar
Masahiro Ono
WS1-14 Emergent Behaviors in Human-Robot Systems  Erdem Bıyık
Minae Kwon
Dylan Losey
Noah Goodman
Stefanos Nikolaidis
Dorsa Sadigh

Monday, July 13

WS Title Organizers Virtual Session Link
WS2-1 Interaction and Decision-Making in Autonomous Driving  Rowan McAllister
Litin Sun
Igor Gilitschenski
Daniela Rus
WS2-2 2nd RSS Workshop on Robust Autonomy: Tools for Safety in Real-World Uncertain Environments Andrea Bajcsy
Ransalu Senanayake
Somil Bansal
Sylvia Herbert
David Fridovich-Keil
Jaime Fernández Fisac
WS2-3 AI & Its Alternatives in Assistive & Collaborative Robotics  Deepak Gopinath
Aleksandra Kalinowska
Mahdieh Nejati
Katarina Popovic
Brenna Argall
Todd Murphey
WS2-4 Benchmarking Tools for Evaluating Robotic Assembly of Small Parts Adam Norton
Holly Yanco
Joseph Falco
Kenneth Kimble
WS2-5 Good Citizens of Robotics Research Mustafa Mukadam
Nima Fazeli
Niko Sünderhauf
WS2-6 Structured Approaches to Robot Learning for Improved Generalization  Arunkumar Byravan
Markus Wulfmeier
Franziska Meier
Mustafa Mukadam
Nicolas Heess
Angela Schoellig
Dieter Fox
WS2-7 Explainable and Trustworthy Robot Decision Making for Scientific Data Collection Nisar Ahmed
P. Michael Furlong
Geoff Hollinger
Seth McCammon
WS2-8 Closing the Academia to Real-World Gap in Service Robotics  Guilherme Maeda
Nick Walker
Petar Kormushev
Maru Cabrera
WS2-9 Visuotactile Sensors for Robust Manipulation: From Perception to Control  Alex Alspach
Naveen Kuppuswamy
Avinash Uttamchandani
Filipe Veiga
Wenzhen Yuan
WS2-10 Self-Supervised Robot Learning  Abhinav Valada
Anelia Angelova
Joschka Boedecker
Oier Mees
Wolfram Burgard
WS2-11 Power On and Go Robots: 'Out-of-the-Box' Systems for Real-World Applications Jonathan Kelly
Stephan Weiss
Robuffo Giordana
Valentin Peretroukhin
WS2-12 Workshop on Visual Learning and Reasoning for Robotic Manipulation  Kuan Fang
David Held
Yuke Zhu
Dinesh Jayaraman
Animesh Garg
Lin Sun
Yu Xiang
Greg Dudek
WS2-13 Action Representations for Learning in Continuous Control  Tamim Asfour
Miroslav Bogdanovic
Jeannette Bohg
Animesh Garg
Roberto Martín-Martín
Ludovic Righetti