Information for Student Helpers

We decided to let authors themselves be the host of their zoom meetings. Therefore, student helpers do not need to play that role.

Your general role at the conference (including workshops) is therefore:

  • During and 15mins before all sessions, be logged into our RSS org slack
  • Whenever you notice issues or get contacted with issues, and you cannot resolve them yourself, please post them on our slack. Jens and I and the rest of helpers can the try to resolve it.
  • Some of you I’d like to assign to listen to the Help & Support Desk on the pheedloop platform - you will then receive also help requests directly via pheedloop chats (see below). This has overlap with the Code of Conduct Email, as attendees can post their concerns on either.
  • The reset I’d like to assign to check on certain workshops and paper discussion sessions - esp at their start - and report if there is an issue.

Checking into workshops

I did not assign anybody specific to workshops (many of you marked you cannot attend workshops). However, if you attend workshops please wander between workshops a bit in the beginning to see if the organizers have problems. Thanks!

Checking into paper discussion sessions

Please check the assignments. Please enter the respective paper discussion session at the beginning of the session, say hi to the authors, check if everything is ok. Perhaps also do this some time in the middle of the sessions.

Responding to Help & Code of Conduct requests

Try to resolve issues yourself, or bring them into our slack to discuss with Jens and me. On severe issues (code of contact), perhaps loop in also Hadas.