Workshops will take place across two days of the conference on July 10 and July 14, 2023. Each workshop is organized as a semi-independent event, and has a unique schedule reflecting the planned activities, constraints and preferences of the organizers. Please check the workshop websites for more details on their particular schedules.

For instructions and directions at the venue, please check out the venue page. For virtual attendance please find more information here

Monday, July 10

(Full or half day)

ID Location Title Organizers
1 306A   Towards Safe Autonomy: New Challenges and Trends in Robot Perception Rajat Talak; Luca Carlone; Marco Pavone; Tat-Jun 
2 320A   Datasets and Benchmarking Tools for Advancing and Evaluating Robotic Manufacturing Adam Norton; Megan Zimmerman; Kenneth Kimble; Craig 
3 320A   Forum to Develop an Open-Source Ecosystem for Robotic Manipulation Adam Norton; Holly Yanco; Berk Calli; Aaron 
4 322A   Interdisciplinary Exploration of Generalizable Manipulation Policy Learning: Paradigms and Debates Rui Chen; Daniel Dijkman; Jiayuan Gu; Hamidreza 
5 314   Robot Representations for Scene Understanding, Reasoning and Planning Jen Jen Chung; Luca Carlone; Julian Förster; 
7 321B   Environment Generation for Generalizable Robots (EGG) Varun Bhatt; Jack Parker-Holder; Kuan Fang; Minqi 
8 315   Experiment-oriented Locomotion and Manipulation Research Daehyung Park; Jemin Hwangbo; Min Jun Kim 
9 324B   Inference and Decision Making for Autonomous Vehicles (IDMAV) Juyeop Han; Han-Lim Choi; Christoffer Heckman; Zachary 
10 325B   Robotics and AI: The Future of Industrial Assembly Tasks Shir Kozlovsky; Dotan Di Castro; Yashraj Narang; 
11 323   Learning for Task and Motion Planning Tom Silver; Danfei Xu; Danny Driess; Jeannette 
12 325A   Multi-Robot Planning and Navigation in Challenging Environments Rohan Chandra; Negar Mehr; Joydeep Biswas; Peter 
13 325D   Rapid and Robust Robotic Active Learning Danish Shaikh; Paul Graham; Thomas Nowotny; Andrew 
14 322B   Social Intelligence in Humans and Robots Tianmin Shu; Xavier Puig; Shuang Li; Ali 
15 324A   Symmetries in Robot Learning Dian Wang; Robert Platt; Robin Walters; Shuran 
16 320B   IV Workshop on Variable Impedance Learning and Control: From the Foundations to the Future Perspectives Adrià Colomé; Fares J. Abu-Dakka; Matteo Saveriano; 
17 325C   Perception and Manipulation Challenges for Warehouse Automation Chaitanya Mitash; Kapil Katyal; Joey Durham; Andrew 

Friday, July 14

(Half day)

ID Location Title Organizers
18 320A   Translational soft robots in successful real-world applications Pham Huy Nguyen; Sukho Song; Jun Shintake; 
19 321   GIRA: Gaussian Mixture Models for Inference and Robot Autonomy Kshitij Goel; Wennie Tabib
20 323   Learning Dexterous Manipulation Yuzhe Qin; Rika Antonova; Ankur Handa; Binghao 
21 324A   Lowering barriers for robotics research Ankur Mehta; Simeon Adebola; Robert Katzschmann; Jeffrey 
22 306A   Articulate Robots: Utilizing Language for Robot Learning Simon Stepputtis; Joseph Campbell; Nakul Gopalan; Andy 
23 322   Taking Mobile Manipulators into the Real World Jesse Haviland; Peter Corke; Tirthankar Bandyopadhyay; Ben 
24 324B   Spectral Graph-Theoretic Methods for Estimation and Control Kevin Doherty; David Rosen; Kasra Khosoussi; Matt 
25 320B   Toward Natural Motion Generation Hyemin Ahn; Sungjoon Choi; Joohyung Kim; Katsu