At RSS 2023, we will do our best to create an accessible environment for all attendees. In this page, you will find information about hearing accessibility and mobility accessibility at the conference venue. Please contact our accessibility committee if the accessibility features as described here are not enough to allow you to attend.

Hearing Accessibility

Live Captioning

To ensure our content is accessible to everyone, we will provide on-screen live captioning to offline participants, and YouTube captioning to online participants. Links and Contents that will provide live captioning are as below.

To see the live captioning on YouTube, please click on “settings icon”, select “subtitles/CC”, check “English”.

Tuesday, July 11: Caption Only Website, YouTube Link

  • Welcome Remarks
  • All RSS Spotlight Talks
  • Early Career Spotlight Talk
  • Keynote Talk
  • Funding Agency Panel

Wednesday, July 12: Caption Only Website, YouTube Link

  • All RSS Spotlight Talks
  • Early Career Spotlight Talk
  • Industry Panel

Thursday, July 13: Caption Only Website, YouTube Link

  • All RSS Spotlight Talks
  • Early Career Spotlight Talk
  • Keynote Talk

Friday, July 14: Caption Only Website, YouTube Link

  • RSS Spotlight Talks

Mobile Accessibility

Our conference is held in EXCO, Daegu, Korea. Conference events will be held on the 3rd floor of EXCO. The map of the 3rd floor can be found here. The main sessions will be held in conference room #325. Our registration desk will be near conference room #325.

Storage space for wheelchairs

Please ask to registration desk if you would like to store the wheelchair. There will be a designated space at the registration desk to store approximately five folded wheelchairs.

Transportation to Conference Venue

We introduce two ways to get to the conference venue, EXCO in Daegu, starting from Incheon Airport.

  1. Incheon Airport → (Domestic Transfer) → Daegu Airport → (Taxi) → EXCO

  2. Incheon Airport → (AREX) → Seoul Station → (KTX) → Dong Daegu Station → (Taxi) → EXCO

About accessibility at Incheon International Airport and Daegu Airport

  • For information about accessibility facilities at Incheon International Airport, please refer to here.
  • For information about accessibility facilities at Daegu Airport, please refer to here.

About accessibility in AREX (Airport Railroad EXpress)

  • AREX, including all stations and trains, is fully accessible with wheelchairs. At both ends of each train car, there is a dedicated wheelchair space.

About accessibility in KTX (Korea Train eXpress)

  • In KTX, there are three seats for manual wheelchairs, and two seats for motored wheelchairs in Car 2 (First class). To book these seats in KTX, please use Korail Application. More information can be found in here.
  • After you book a ticket, you need to reserve the wheelchair service, around 15-30 min before departure. It is recommended to arrive at the station around 45 minutes before your departure and ask the staff or the information desk in the station to provide the necessary services. More information can be found in video, and you can also contact +82-1599-7777 (08:00 - 22:00, GMT+9).

About accessibility when riding a taxi in Daegu.

  • There is a taxi service for wheelchair users in Daegu (Nadri Call Daegu, +82-1577-6776). To use this service, you need to visit the webpage (Written in Hangul) for reservation or call to reserve a taxi, at least 30 minutes before your departure. When you take this taxi, you might be required to show a passport.

About accessibility when using public transportation.

  • For information about the facility status for accessibility provided by public transportation in Daegu, please refer to here.

Additional Assistance

If you have any additional questions or specific accessibility needs, please contact our accessibility committee. Please note that some services can require advance notice to ensure availability. We recommend you to reach out in advance to allow us sufficient time to make the necessary arrangements.