If you are attending in person, please check here.

For virtual attendance please check Pheedloop.

Virtual participants will first need to register. The registrants will then obtain access to the conference through Pheedloop.

Main Conference: To join the main conference, choose the current day’s session under the Sessions tab (named “Day, Date - Main Conference”). Here you will find a YouTube link to the livestream and a brief description of the day’s schedule. Click on the link or copy-paste the URL into your browser to view the main conference stream.

Workshops: To join workshops, choose the desired workshop under the Sessions tab. You can access the Zoom meeting room through these Pheedloop sessions. Alternatively, you can find the Zoom link at the bottom (Description section) of each virtual workshop session (which will be updated before the workshops commence).

For comprehensive workshop details, refer to the individual workshop websites listed here.

Workshops virtual instructions