Congratulations to the following authors!

Best Paper Award Finalists

Robot Learning on the Job: Human-in-the-Loop Autonomy and Learning During Deployment
Huihan Liu (UT Austin) and Soroush Nasiriany (UT Austin) and Lance Zhang (UT Austin) and Zhiyao Bao (UT Austin) and Yuke Zhu (UT Austin)

Language-Driven Representation Learning for Robotics
Siddharth Karamcheti (Stanford University) and Suraj Nair (Stanford University) and Annie S Chen (Stanford University) and Thomas Kollar (Toyota Research Institute) and Chelsea Finn (Stanford University) and Dorsa Sadigh (Stanford University) and Percy Liang (Stanford University)

Non-Euclidean Motion Planning with Graphs of Geodesically-Convex Sets
Thomas B Cohn (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Mark Petersen (Harvard University) and Max Simchowitz (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Russ Tedrake (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Convex Geometric Motion Planning on Lie Groups via Moment Relaxation
Sangli Teng (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) and Ashkan Jasour (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and Ram Vasudevan (University of Michigan) and Maani Ghaffari Jadidi (University of Michigan)

Time Optimal Ergodic Search
Dayi E Dong (Yale University) and Henry P Berger (Yale University) and Ian Abraham (Yale University)

Best System Paper Award Finalists

GenAug: Retargeting behaviors to unseen situations via Generative Augmentation
Qiuyu Chen (University of Washington) and Shosuke C Kiami (University of Washington) and Abhishek Gupta (University of Washington) and Vikash Kumar (University of Washington)

SAM-RL: Sensing-Aware Model-Based Reinforcement Learning via Differentiable Physics-Based Simulation and Rendering
Jun Lv (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) and Yunhai Feng (University of California San Diego) and Cheng Zhang (Meta Reality Labs Research) and Shuang Zhao (University of California, Irvine) and Lin Shao (National University of Singapore) and Cewu Lu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

FurnitureBench: Reproducible Real-World Benchmark for Long-Horizon Complex Manipulation
Minho Heo (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology) and Youngwoon Lee (University of California, Berkeley) and Doohyun Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology) and Joseph J Lim (KAIST)

ROSE: Rotation-based Squeezing Robotic Gripper toward Universal Handling of Objects
Son Tien Bui (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) and Shinya Kawano (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) and Van Anh Ho (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

Best Student Paper Award Finalists

Investigating the Impact of Experience on a User’s Ability to Perform Hierarchical Abstraction
Nina M Moorman (Georgia Tech) and Nakul Gopalan (Arizona State University) and Aman Singh (Georgia Tech) and Erin Botti (Georgia Tech) and Mariah Schrum (Georgia Tech) and Chuxuan Yang (Georgia Tech) and Lakshmi Seelam (Georgia Tech) and Matthew Gombolay (Georgia Tech)

Teach a Robot to FISH: Versatile Imitation from One Minute of Demonstrations
Siddhant Haldar (New York University) and Jyothish Pari (New York University) and Anant Rai (New York University) and Lerrel Pinto (New York University)

Fast Monocular Visual-Inertial Initialization Leveraging Learned Single-View Depth
Nathaniel W Merrill (University of Delaware) and Patrick Geneva (University of Delaware) and Saimouli Katragadda (University of Delaware) and Chuchu Chen (University of Delaware) and Guoquan Huang (University of Delaware)

MultiSCOPE: Disambiguating In-Hand Object Poses with Proprioception and Tactile Feedback
Andrea Sipos (University of Michigan) and Nima Fazeli (University of Michigan)

Best Demo Paper Award Finalists

Demonstrating Large Language Models on Robots
Google DeepMind

Demonstrating Mobile Manipulation in the Wild: A Metrics-Driven Approach
Max Bajracharya (Toyota Research Institute) and James Borders (Toyota Research Institute) and Richard Cheng (Toyota Research Institute) and Dan Helmick (Toyota Research Institute) and Lukas Kaul (Toyota Research Institute) and Dan Kruse (Toyota Research Institute) and John Leichty (Toyota Research Institute) and Jeremy Ma (NVIDIA) and Carolyn Matl (Toyota Research Institute) and Frank Michel (Toyota Research Institute) and Chavdar Papazov (Toyota Research Institute) and Josh Petersen (Amazon) and Krishna Shankar (Apple ) and Mark Tjersland (Toyota Research Institute)