Interactive Poster Session for RSS Pioneers

Monday, July 12

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The 2021 cohort of RSS pioneers

This poster session will highlight the work of soon to be famous roboticists. The RSS Pioneers event will run through the 11th.

ID Title Authors
Show poster location 01  Inductive Biases for Learning in Robotics and Control Michael Lutter
Show poster location 02  Towards Ubiquitous Haptics for Embodied AI Agents Jose Barreiros
Show poster location 03  Fostering Human-Robot Cohesion in Multi-Party Settings Filipa Correia, Francisco S. Melo, and Ana Paiva
Show poster location 04  Distributed and Safe Autonomy in Unknown and Communication-Denied Environments Yiannis Kantaros
Show poster location 05  Social Robots that Understand Natural Language Instructions and Resolve Ambiguities Fethiye Irmak Doğan
Show poster location 06  Multimodal Representation Learning for Robot Perception and Agency Miguel Vasco, Francisco S. Melo, and Ana Paiva
Show poster location 07  Certifiable Outlier-Robust Machine Perception Heng Yang
Show poster location 08  Learning Deep Observation Models for Factor Graph Inference Paloma Sodhi
Show poster location 09  Towards Terrain-Aware Autonomous Exploration in 3D Confined Spaces Héctor Azpúrua
Show poster location 10  Bio-Inspired Robot Perception Coupled with Robot-Modeled Human Perception Tobias Fischer
Show poster location 11  Uncertainty Estimation for Lifelong Robot Perception Systems Ali Harakeh
Show poster location 12  Towards Predictive and Proactive Monitoring and Planning for Safe Autonomous Robotic Operations Esen Yel
Show poster location 13  Interactive Reinforcement Learning from Imperfect Teachers Taylor A. Kessler Faulkner and Andrea Thomaz
Show poster location 14  Honey, I Shrunk the Robot: Designing Miniature Surgical Robots Yash Chitalia
Show poster location 15  Toward Practical Collaborative Manipulation Preston Culbertson
Show poster location 16  Limb Mechanics for Performance Justin Yim
Show poster location 17  Towards Continuous Learned Semantic Representation through a Viewpoint-Dependent Observation Model Yuri Feldman and Vadim Indelman
Show poster location 18  Leveraging Human Input for Robust Robot Learning Daniel S. Brown
Show poster location 19  Discovering and Segmenting Unseen Objects for Robot Perception Christopher Xie
Show poster location 20  Tactile Object Pose Estimation from the First Touch Maria Bauza Villalonga
Show poster location 21  Situational Awareness and Long-Term Autonomy for Robot Swarms Vivek Shankar Varadharajan
Show poster location 22  Active Perception for Aerial and Ground Robot Teams Operating in Unknown Enivronments Micah Corah
Show poster location 23  Structured and Distributed Approaches for Robot Perception and Control Alexander "Sasha" Lambert
Show poster location 24  Towards Safe and Resilient Autonomy in Multi-Robot Systems Wenhao Luo
Show poster location 25  Moving Object Segmentation for LiDAR-Based Localization and Mapping Xieyuanli Chen
Show poster location 26  Robotic (Collaborative) Manipulation: Is it "just" a Matter of Interfaces? Maria Pozzi
Show poster location 27  Variable Stiffness Soft Growing Robots as Manipulators Brian H. Do
Show poster location 28  Model-Based Control and Design of Soft Robots James M. Bern
Show poster location 29  Learning State-Dependent Measurement Likelihood Models with Limited Sensor Data Troi Williams and Yu Sun
Show poster location 30  Enabling Safe and Reliable Surgeon-Robot Collaboration Niveditha Kalavakonda; Zeeshan Qazi; Laligam Sekhar; Ryan Calo; and Blake Hannaford