Workshops & Tutorials

Workshops will take place across four days of the conference July 12 through 15, 2021.

Each workshop is organized as a semi-independent event, and has a unique schedule reflecting the planned activities, constraints and preferences of the organizers. Please check the workshop websites for more details on their particular schedules.


Monday, July 12

ID Day Title Organizers
T1 12th   After interactive session Tutorial on End-to-end GPU-accelerated Learning and Control for Robotics with Isaac Gym Viktor Makoviychuk (NVIDIA)
Gavriel State (NVIDIA)
W1 12th   After interactive session Integrating Planning and Learning Panpan Cai (NUS)
Danny Driess (TU Berlin)
W2 12th   After interactive session Accessibility of Robot Programming and the Work of the Future Ben Armstrong (MIT)
Suzanne Berger (MIT)
W7 12-13   Multiple times Founding Robotics Startups with a PhD Scott C. Livingston (rerobots


Tuesday, July 13

ID Day Title Organizers
W3 13th   After interactive session Advancing A.I. and Manipulation for Robotics: Understanding Gaps, Industry and Academic Perspectives, and Community Building Clemens Eppner (NVIDIA)
Neel Doshi (MIT)
W4 13th   After interactive session Social Robot Navigation Christoforos Mavrogiannis (U Wash)
Pete Trautman (Honda 
W5 13th   After interactive session Software Tools for Real-Time Optimal Control Brian Jackson (CMU)
Zachary Manchester (CMU)
W6 13th   After interactive session Visual Learning and Reasoning for Robotics Kuan Fang (Stanford)
David Held (CMU)
W7 12-13   Multiple times Founding Robotics Startups with a PhD Scott C. Livingston (rerobots


Wednesday, July 14

ID Day Title Organizers
W8 14th   After interactive session Robotics × Arts Exhibition: Opportunities and Issues in Robotics Applied in the Arts Sang Leigh (GaTech)
Jean Oh (CMU)
W9 14th   After interactive session Perception and Control for Autonomous Navigation in Crowded, Dynamic Environments Philip Dames (Temple U)
Mac Schwager (Stanford)


Thursday, July 15

ID Day Title Organizers
W10 15th   After interactive session Robotics for People: Perspectives on Interaction, Learning, and Safety Amir Aly (U Plymouth)
Andrea Bajcsy (UC 
W11 15th   Straddles interactive session Declarative and Neurosymbolic Representations in Robot Learning and Control Alper Ahmetoglu (Bogazici U)
Shiqi Zhang (SUNY 
W12 15th   After interactive session Geometry and Topology in Robotics: Learning, Optimization, Planning, and Control Noémie Jaquier (KIT)
Claire Liang (Cornell)
W13 15th   Straddles interactive session DO-Sim: Deformable Object Simulation in Robotics Yashraj Narang (NVIDIA)
Yunzhu Li (MIT)
W14 15th   After interactive session Behavioral Inference of Remotely Sensed Multi-agent Systems Eduardo Montijano (U Zaragoza)
George Stantchev (US