Workshops will take place June 29 and June 30, 2018. The workshop coffee breaks will be from 10:00 to 10:30 and 14:30 to 15:00, with lunch scheduled for 12:00 - 13:30.

Workshop room assignments TBD.

Friday, June 29

WS Title Organizers Date Room
FRI-01 Women In Robotics IV Marynel Vázquez
Elizabeth Phillips
Iolanda Leite
Franziska Meier
Victoria Edwards
Fereshteh Sadeghi
Jill F. Lehman
Chad Tossell
Kerstin Haring
June 29 GHC 4215
FRI-02 Learning from Demonstrations for high level robotics tasks Ankur Handa
Feryal Behbahani
Arunkumar Byravan
James Davidson
Dieter Fox
June 29 GHC 4307
FRI-03 Tutorial on Dynamical System-based Learning from Demonstration Nadia Figueroa
Seyed Sina Mirrazavi Salehian
Aude Billard
June 29 (Morning) GHC 4102
FRI-04 Towards a framework for Joint Action: What about Theory of Mind? Aurélie Clodic
Sandra Lasry
Víctor Fernández Castro
Bilge Mutlu
Chien-Ming Huang
Rachid Alami
June 29 GHC 5222
FRI-06 Unusual Appendages: novel, multi-modal, or multi-functional uses for limbs, tails, and other body parts Amir Patel
Aaron Johson
Tom Libby
June 29 GHC 4211
FRI-07 Learning and Inference in Robotics: Integrating Structure, Priors and Models Mustafa Mukadam
Arunkumar Byravan
Byron Boots
June 29 DH 2210
FRI-08 Multi-Modal Perception and Control Filipe Veiga
Roberto Calandra
Aude Billard
Jan Peters
June 29 GHC 4401

Saturday, June 30

WS Title Organizers Date Room
SAT-01 Fundamental Issues in Symbiotic Human-Robot Interaction Hiroshi Ishiguro
Tatsuya Kawahara
Yutaka Nakamura
June 30 (Afternoon) GHC 6115
SAT-02 Adversarial Robotics Hao Zhang
Christopher Reardon
Kun Sun
Chuan Yue
June 30 (Afternoon) NSH 3002
SAT-03 Exhibition and Benchmarking of Task-Motion Planners Neil Dantam
Fabien Lagriffoul
Lydia Kavraki
June 30 GHC 4307
SAT-04 Perspectives on Robot Learning: Imitation and Causality Animesh Garg
Michael Laskey
Yuke Zhu
Jiajun Wu
Stefano Ermon
June 30 NSH 3305
SAT-05 Robot Mediated Autism Intervention: Hardware, Software, and Curriculum Momotaz Begum
Michael Radice
June 30 GHC 4102
SAT-06 Challenges and Opportunities for Resilient Collective Intelligence in Subterranean Environments Wennie Tabib
Nathan Michael
June 30 GHC 4215
SAT-08 Design and Control of Small Legged Robots Konstantinos Karydis
Liyu Wang and Ronald Fearing
June 30 GHC 4405
SAT-09 Beyond Reward Engineering: Teaching, Learning, and Optimizing Complex Objectives Dylan Hadfield-Menell
Anca Dragan
Marco Pavone
Pieter Abbeel
June 30 GHC 4401
SAT-10 Computational Models of Affordance for Robotics Philipp Zech
Barry Ridge
Emre Ugur
June 30 Wean 7500

Friday & Saturday, June 29 - 30

WS Title Organizers Date Room
F&S-01 New Benchmarks, Metrics, and Competitions for Robotic Learning Niko Suenderhauf
Markus Wulfmeier
Anelia Angelova
Ken Goldberg
Feras Dayoub
June 29 June 30 DH 2315   GHC 4303
F&S-02 Autonomous Space Robotics Christoffer Heckman
Jay McMahon
Daniel Szafir
Torin Clark
Steve McGuire
June 29 June 30 GHC  8102 GHC 4211
F&S-03 Models and Representations for Human-Robot Communication Jacob Arkin
Andrea F. Daniele
Nakul Gopalan
Thomas M. Howard
Jesse Thomason
Matthew R. Walter
Lawson L. S. Wong
June 29 June 30 NSH  3002 NSH 1305