Winners are selected from a group of finalists by an awards committee. Here is a list of past finalists and winners.

Best Paper Award

This award is given the best paper of the conference.


Asymptotically Optimal Design of Piecewise Cylindrical Robots using Motion Planning
Cenk Baykal, Ron Alterovitz

Joint Optimization of Robot Design and Motion Parameters using the Implicit Function Theorem
Sehoon Ha, Stelian Coros, Alexander Alspach, Joohyung Kim, Katsu Yamane

Learning to Reconstruct 3D Structures for Occupancy Mapping
Vitor Guizilini, Fabio Ramos

Best Student Paper Award

This award is given the best paper of the conference whose first author is a student.


Fast Trajectory Optimization for Agile Quadrotor Maneuvers with a Cable-Suspended Payload
Philipp Foehn, Davide Falanga, Naveen Kuppuswamy, Russ Tedrake, Davide Scaramuzza

High-Quality Tabletop Rearrangement with Overhand Grasps: Hardness Results and Fast Methods
Shuai Han, Nicholas Stiffler, Athanasios Krontiris, Kostas Bekris, Jingjin Yu

Improving Slip Prediction on Mars Using Thermal Inertia Measurements
Christopher Cunningham, Issa Nesnas, William Whittaker

Best Systems Paper Award in Memory of Seth Teller

This award is given to outstanding systems papers presented at the RSS conference. The awards committee determines each year if a paper of sufficient quality is among the accepted papers and may decide not to give the award. In years when no award is given, the list of finalists will not be disclosed. This award was given for the first time in 2015 (more information).

Outstanding Reviewer Acknowledgement

Reviewers are the life blood of a conference. Although not an award, this acknowledgement provides an opportunity to highlight and thank our most outstanding reviewers nominated by the Area Chairs.