ROSE: Rotation-based Squeezing Robotic Gripper toward Universal Handling of Objects

Son Tien Bui
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Shinya Kawano
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Van Anh Ho
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
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Nominated for Best System Paper

Session 12. Robot Mechanisms & Control

Poster Session Thursday, July 13

Poster 26

Abstract: Robotics hand/grippers nowadays are not limited within manufacturing lines; instead, widely utilized in cluttered environments, such as restaurants, farms, and warehouses. In such scenarios, they need to deal with high uncertainty of the grasped objects’ shapes, postures, surfaces, and material properties, which requires complex integration of sensing and decision-making process. On the other hand, integrating soft materials into the gripper’s design may tolerate the above uncertainties and reduce complexity in control. In this paper, we introduce ROSE, a novel soft gripper that can embrace the object and squeeze it by buckling a funnel-liked thin-walled soft membrane around the object by simple rotation of the base. Thanks to this design, ROSE hand can adapt to a wide range of objects that can fall within the funnel, and handle with pleasant gripping force. Regardless this, ROSE can generate a high lift force (up to 328.7 N) while significantly reducing the normal pressure on the gripped objects. In our experiment, a 198 g ROSE can be integrated into a robot arm with a single actuation, and successfully lift various types of objects, even after 400,000 trials. The embracing mechanism helps reduce the dependence of friction between the object and the membrane, as ROSE could pick up a chicken egg submerged inside an olive oil tank. We also report a feasible design for equipping the ROSE hand with tactile sensing, while appealing to the scalability of the design to fit a wide range of objects.