New Frontiers for Deep Learning in Robotics

Organizers: Niko Suenderhauf, Juergen Leitner, Michael Milford, Pieter Abbeel, Peter Corke


In this workshop a wide range of renowned experts will discuss deep learning techniques at the frontier of research that are not yet widely adopted, discussed, or well-known in our community. We carefully selected research topics such as Bayesian deep learning, generative models, or deep reinforcement learning for planning and navigation that are of high relevance and potentially groundbreaking for robotic perception, learning, and control. The workshop introduces these techniques to the robotics audience, but also exposes participants from the machine learning community to real-world problems encountered by robotics researchers that apply deep learning in their research.

This workshop is the successor of the very successful "Deep Learning in Robotics" workshop at last year's RSS. Our goal is to bring researchers from the machine learning and robotics communities together to discuss and contrast the limits and potentials of new deep learning techniques, as well as propose directions for future joint research between our communities.