Mathematical Models, Algorithms, and Human-Robot Interaction

Organizers: Oren Salzman, Henny Admoni, Rebecca Khurshid, Stefanos Nikolaidis


Robots are leaving the cages of the industrial manufacturing production lines and the safety of research labs, and moving into the unstructured environments of everyday life. From human-in-the-way to human-in-the-loop, modern robotics problems typically involve robot interactions with and around humans. Solving such problems requires research in complementary areas: algorithmic robotics, such as motion planning and machine learning, and human-robot interaction (HRI), such as cognitive modeling, intention recognition, and activity prediction. Both areas have much to contribute to each other in terms of methods, approaches, and insights, and yet the algorithmic robotics and human-robot interaction communities remain largely disjoint groups. There are four goals for this workshop: to (1) expose approaches from HRI that inform algorithmic models of humans, (2) identify mathematical and algorithmic tools to address HRI problems, (3) encourage conversation between researchers in the areas of HRI and fundamental algorithms for robotics, and (4) raise a series of open questions that fall in the intersection of algorithmic robotics and HRI.